Welcome to Midnite Mountain Music & Record Label

Welcome to Midnite Mountain Music & Record LabelWelcome to Midnite Mountain Music & Record Label

We help professional musicians like you make it to the charts.

Valerie Smith
Bluegrass, Country, Americana, Acoustic
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Female Vocalist

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From a Distance

The Single Factory, in partnership with Bell Buckle Records, presents an anthem, "From a Distance" to bring an awareness of climate change. The song is a powerfully written message of hope, love, faith, and peace by Grammy-winning songwriter Julie Gold. It features a dynamic trio of award-winning bluegrass artists Valerie Smith, with harmonies by Claire Lynch and Irene Kelley. 

 It is in honor of the Earth and intended to elevate climate change awareness and encourage everyone to take action to preserve our planet for future generations. "Midnite Mike" Pokalsky produced and arranged this acoustic version of the classic, dynamic song.

"From a Distance" includes a star-studded line-up of bluegrass pros: Valerie Smith, Lead Vocal, Courtesy of Bell Buckle Records | Claire Lynch, Vocal Arrangement and Harmony Vocal|Irene Kelley, Harmony Vocals, Courtesy of Mountain Fever Records | Becky Buller, Fiddle, Courtesy of Dark Shadow Recordings | Frank Solivan, Mandolin, Courtesy of Compass Records | Mike Munford, Banjo, Courtesy of Compass Records | Acoustic Guitar, Jim Hurst | Ronald de La Vega, Upright Bass | With newcomer Mike Pokalsky  Acoustic Guitar and Dobro

Tim Carter, a notable engineer, mixed and engineered the production at the Treehouse Studio located in Ridgetop, TN.

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Midnite Mountain Music

Midnite Mountain Music is a new company and has been created almost  by accident. Mike Pokalsky has been helping various artists with their recording  projects as a labor of love and adventure, so for this upcoming year of 2019,  has decided that it is time to expand and build the company's roster. 


Midnite Mike / Valerie Smith

Mike Pokalsky collaborated with music industry veteran, Valerie Smith from Bell Buckle Records with the Chad Darou release, "Raising the Bar" and she continues to be a part of the marketing team. Midnite Mountain Music provides many services for artists. We finance the production of projects, can provide for both In-house and remote recording  with engineering, mixing, mastering,  and manufacturing of CD's done in-house.  We also  offer  strong  promotion, publicity, radio, and media  coordination. Arrangements can be different with each artist, but either way, we at Midnight Mountain Music give our very best and more.


Also, welcome our newest member, "Midnite" a Siberian Husky 1 year old puppy to the team. She is the brains of the entire operation! Midnite Mountain Music has enjoyed much success over the past year and will continue to  do so for many years. It’s our firm belief that if you provide the  artists the foundation and support to do what they love, amazing things  can happen.

Radio broadcasters have grown to love us because they know what we send them will  be great. 

The company  has a strong commitment to quality.  We strive for seasoned, outstanding artists, clever songwriting, thoughtful production, efficient recording,  organized promotion, and valuable relationships that add up to quality results.

Image and Branding



We will help you discover tune your own distinctive sound.


The "Hook", both the musical and the lyrical , has to be strong and catchy. We can help you make sure yours are.


The arrangement of any piece of music is critical to it's success.  we can make sure your arrangements are in line with airplay standards in terms of length, form and genre.


A major critical operation is the actual recording of the music. We are equipped for both in-studio and remote live recording via high speed internet and Jam Kazam.  Assistance with any studio sessions are offered, complete mixing and mastering services also available upon request.


Once your project is completed, Midnite Mountain Music will manufacture your CD's in-house,  mail  them to DJ's , promote your project and work hard to ensure it lands on the charts.  Valerie Smith, owner of  long-time company, "Bell Buckle Records and Media," acts as a consultant in A&R along with media/promotion. All singles and CD's are released through Bell Buckle Records. She has been proudly promoting projects in bluegrass/Americana for over 20 years. Valerie has experience with Spotify, SoundCloud, Airplay Direct, Youtube, MailChimp and Photoshop and more. She is  also the current owner of BellBuckleRadio.Com.

About Us


Music is Our Expertise

Starting With an Open Mind

Starting With an Open Mind

Music is what we know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be discovered by matching talented professionals with an outlet for their music.  Midnite Mountain Music productions are carefully crafted that showcases unique artists from around the world. Although we are a new record label, Midnite Mountain is making an impact on the music industry by providing great music.


Starting With an Open Mind

Starting With an Open Mind

Starting With an Open Mind

Branding is everything in this business and finding your individual style. Once we've worked together to help create your distinctive  product, then it is time to come up with a marketing plan!


Promoting Your Music

Starting With an Open Mind

Promoting Your Music

Your project will be directly promoted to  stations that report spins to the charts. Your music will reach the hands of over 500 DJ's including the satellite stations. 


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